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05/11/2014 Best in Monroe

The best pizza, hands down in the Ida area. There are other pizza places, but they do not compare. If you are in the area, definitely stop in and get a pizza. Large with 1 toppings only 10.79!! Amazing!!

04/20/2014 Great Pizza

Very nice owners and make some g r e a t pizza. Hopefully they don't raise the prices. They are good portions for the price.

11/13/2013 BEST PIZZA IN IDA, IF YOU LIVE IN MONROE GO PICK UP A LARGE PIZZA!!! ask for extra garlic butter on the crust trust me. Hidden GEM 11/13/2013

This is hands down the best pizza I have ever had outside of Chicago. Listen to the owner for a few minutes and you know how much passion he has for his pizza! If they delivered it would be lights out for the competition.

Thank you! We now deliver! - Lewis Pizza

Homemade crust that has a great crumb so you know it has had time to ferment. When is the last time you had pizza and couldn't wait to get to the crust?

He could sell the pizza sauce it is so good and as others have said the cheese bread is worth the drive all by themselves!

Remember to call ahead on Friday nights. He gets so busy it is crazy!

James S. Petersburg, MI 2/8/15

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